#BBN: Nigel Farage reveals the 3 things Boris must do to secure Brexiteer support


#BBN: Here is how to debate against a sarcastic remainer news presenter demonstrated by Jacob Rees-Mogg .

This is a perfect example on how to handle a disgruntled Remainer TV presenter who thinks…

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#BBN: Tory leader LIVE: Boris to wipe out May’s team and build Brexiteer Cabinet

#BBN: Barclay and Barnier clash on citizens’ rights under no-deal Brexit

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#BBN: Brexit betrayal: Maastricht Treaty ‘was drawn up to fill Soviet vacuum’ – Boris Johnson

#BBN: Brexit betrayal: Maastricht Treaty ‘was drawn up to fill Soviet vacuum’ – Boris Johnson

#BBN: Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay writes to Michel Barnier.

#BBN: Liam Gallagher throws his hat into the ring for Tory leadership as he vows to ‘sort out this pile of s**t’… but admits the first thing he’ll do as Prime Minister is reunite Oasis

#BBN: SAVAGE SAJ Sajid Javid tells Donald Trump to butt out of British politics over London’s knife crime epidemic

#BBN: BRUSSELS’ budget chief has admitted the EU can’t legally force Britain to pay the £39billion divorce bill if there’s No Deal – and will try blackmailing the UK instead.

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#BBN: Farage fury: Brexit Party leader CONDEMNS Tory rivals – ‘Don’t trust ANY to deliver exit!’

#BBN: 138 days until the 31st October, when they claim we will finally leave the EU. SHARE FAR AND WIDE if you think we should have left months ago!

#BBN: MESSAGE FROM NIGEL FARAGE – Even if Boris Johnson becomes PM the best we are likely to get is a rehash of May’s deal.’ SHARE FAR AND WIDE IF YOU AGREE!

#BBN: READ – Full apology from SNP to the Brexit Party over false claims made on TV.

Our Chairman @TiceRichard has received a full apology, legal costs and a donation to charity from…

#BBN: The date the May-Bot rot really set in – 29 March 2017 Brexit Facts4EU.Org reveals the moment when Brexit was thwarted by Mrs May