Boris Johnson gets the seal of approval from Donald Trump – “He’ll straighten out Brexit” Advertisements

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Ireland test their readiness for a “No Deal” scenario.

IRELAND has admit now that there are a yield to a customs tests in case of a no-deal Brexit. As a part of its crisis no deal trainings, Dublin has released a string of contingency measures including plans to introduce new review places to check livestock. Among those emergency Brexit notices is a”wake-up telephone” to businesses, after Mr Coveney asserted not enough companies in Ireland have taken the danger of no price serious. The European Commission has declared that providing a solution to the Irish border is a”precondition” to get Britain to start future trade talks in case of a […]

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As much as three-quarters of civil servants shifted to emergency Brexit preparation duties before the original 29 March deadline have been stood down.

However, countless Whitehall staff now face being reassigned again to get ready for the new 31 October depart date. Civil support specialists say it shows the harm being done to the typical work of authorities by the moving of the date. The data was discovered by a series of Freedom of Information (FoI) requests. “This’hokey cokey’ of staff moves is going to damage a number of the additional work of the civil company,” said Joe Owen, of the Institute for Government, “Everyone that moves is leaving behind a daytime job, requires new coaching and might have little experience of the […]

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German economy takes a hit over BREXIT uncertainty.

Today its 10th year of growth, the German market returned to growth between January and March, submitting a 0.4% growth. Germany has been affected by international tensions following the bitter United States-China trade warfare, in addition to political uncertainty from Brexit. The Bundesbank said it expects the market to shrink slightly between April and June following a growth of 0.4 per cent between January and March. This is down in the 2.5 percent increase predicted in fall 2018. Automobile sales have mostly dented from a downturn in demand because of warning from buyers, while more rigorous emissions testing has also […]

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Remainers battle to rid of No Deal starts tomorrow with Remainers determined to smash Brexit.

Mr Gauke’s remarks come amid claims over 30 Tory MPs will vote against a no-deal Brexit, based on former Tory leadership candidate Sam Gyimah. The MP for East Surrey said competitions were investigating possible legislative options to prevent the UK from departing the EU without a restricted deal in place. Both politicians have pledged to honor Brexit, even though this means leaving the European Union (EU) without having a deal in place. Parliament remains divided into the idea and negotiations are occurring to prevent a no-deal Brexit from moving ahead, based on Justice Union David Gauke. “The odds are, if […]