Month: November 2019


‘Dismal’ defeat looming for Corbyn despite Labour attempt to hold northern votes – expert

‘You don’t trust DEMOCRACY!’ Tice rages at Sturgeon claiming ‘no one trusts Brexit Party’

Brexit can revitalise UK fishing industry with boom of 60,000 new jobs, says analysis

Merkel PANIC: Boris Johnson winning majority in the election is ‘worst result for Germany’

John Bercow outburst: Brexit ‘not irreversible’ and second referendum COULD happen

German MEP finds loophole to end £97m-a-year waste of EU taxpayers’ money

Polling guru John Curtice shocks BBC with devastating Brexit prediction for 2019 election

‘Disgusting!’ Sadiq Khan sparks backlash after blaming London Bridge attack on Tory cuts

London Bridge terror attack: Shocked Piers Morgan warns ‘scandal gets worse by the second’

Britons furious at Corbyn’s gas boiler plan – ‘Couldn’t run a bath, never mind a country!’

EU split: Macron defends NATO ‘brain dead’ slur – ‘Need a wake-up!’

Macron’s ‘hand grenade spats’ with NATO backfire as ‘Christmas comes early for Putin’

EU on brink: Bloc’s economy clobbered by Brexit worries and US/China trade war

‘What a cop out!’ Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit neutrality is ridiculed in election debate

‘Who will pay?!’ Nick Robinson grills Rebecca Long-Bailey on Labour’s billion pound pledge

Fisheries boost: Boris to protect UK fishermen with crucial no deal Brexit scheme

‘Labour’s Brexit so bad even Corbyn can’t support it’ Gisela Stuart SHAMES election farce

General election news: 7 Labour seats the Brexit Party could snatch from Tory reach

EU warning: ‘New cold war’ looming for Brussels as Brexit chaos erupts, says Council chief