#BBN: Brexit victory: Commons says no deal WILL be on table – now let’s find PM who can deliver

The moment when Labour lost the vote

JEREMY Corbyn has failed to block a no-deal EU exit after the Government won a significant Commons vote which opens the door for a future Brexiteer Prime Minister.

In a victory that will provide a major boost to Boris Johnson and other Tory candidates determined to take the UK out of the European Union by October 31, a motion seeking to seize control of the Parliamentary agenda was defeated by 309 votes to 298.

The Labour motion had been backed by Tory Remainer Sir Oliver Letwin, who was previously behind a similar backbench bill forced through the Commons earlier this year.

He was joined by nine other Tories rebels who backed the motion while eight Labour MPs voted against Mr Corbyn’s wishes meaning the Government avoided another bruising defeat which would have constrained the next prime minister before they had even taken office.

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