🚨 *MPs have rejected the latest attempt to block a no-deal Brexit*🚨

🚨 *MPs have rejected the latest attempt to block a no-deal Brexit*🚨

Evening all,

A very long session in the House of Commons has prompted *Sajid Javid* to delay his official campaign launch until later this evening. Although we are reliably told that there are chocolate strawberries 🍓, wine and beer 🍻 for those in attendance.

So, what prompted the delay? The motion which seeks to take control of proceedings and stop a *no-deal Brexit* was put to a vote at 4.30 p.m. with MPs voting against the motion by 309 votes to 298. 🗳

*Richard Johnson* has explained this afternoon that by attempting to block Brexit, Labour is betraying the whole point of its existence: http://bit.ly/2IPumSv

It has since been revealed that *Tory MP Oliver Letwin* was not only a significant supporter of the motion, but he also helped to draw up the cross-party motion. As my colleague Steven Swinford has pointed out, this is significant given the news that Letwin is backing *Michael Gove* in the Tory leadership race🧐. Gove is of course regarded as a Brexiteer.

And if you’ve forgotten about the other leadership hopefuls, *Jeremy Hunt* has said this afternoon that leadership candidates “can’t be blind to the fact that there is a strong majority in Parliament against no deal” and that “this is a time for skilled negotiation and not empty threats”.

So, which of the Tory leadership contenders can be considered a diehard no-deal Brexit supporter? 🤔Well, there could now just be one left in the race and it could be about to cost them the top job. More on that here: http://bit.ly/2I9w8yC


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