#BBN: Brexiteers have good reason to not trust politicians with Brexit…

Brexiteers seem to be in a complicated place when it comes to trusting politicians with delivering Brexit and here is why…

Over the past couple of years we have seen Brexit supporting cabinet ministers come and go due to them disagreeing with Theresa Mays Brexit plan. Many of those Brexit supporting Ex ministers then went on a ranting rampage calling Mays deal the “worst deal in history”and even voted for a vote of no confidence in the prime minister and her Brexit plan. These Brexit supporting politicians did all that only for them to vote for Mays Brexit deal. These ministers also stood on a manifesto of “No deal is better than a bad deal” but if they truly stood by that statement, why did they then vote for the “worst deal in history”? Why did they not stand by what they promised? Why did they rant on about how bad Mays deal is only for them to vote for it?. Brexiteers have so many unanswered questions when it comes to who they can trust. The only man it seems we can trust with brexit is the only man not in power and that is Nigel Farage.

Fast forward a few months later… May has now stepped down and this has now triggered a leadership race. This is where Brexiteers are finding it hard with which candidate they should back, this is because all those ex ministers who went on a rant, that said this deal is a surrender document are now standing as candidates to become leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister. If these candidate couldn’t hold their nerve when it came to surrendering our country to the EU under Mays Brexit plan, then how can they be trusted to not do it again? Are these candidates just playing the Brexiteer tune to entice us only for them to pull the rug on Brexit once again?

What’s your thoughts on this dilemma?


1 thought on “#BBN: Brexiteers have good reason to not trust politicians with Brexit…

  1. This just proves that majority of them have been lying to there paymasters(us)for years and Brexit has proved it well and truly they should be deselected and the lords they should be all sacked and take to court and sued for taking money under false pretences along with all the over paid media BBC especially Channel 4 ITV SKY, and the labour party of whom I was a member for years should shut down totally

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