#BBN: Afternoon Brexit Update 11-06-19

Afternoon folks 👋,

Not to be outdone by *Matt Hancock*, *Andrea Leadsom* has set out her own Brexit plan this morning.

The former Commons Leader has said that leaving the *European Union* on October 31 🗓is her “hard red line” and has declared that Britain “must have a clear plan for a managed exit by October 31”.

*Leadsom* has set out a three point plan for delivering Brexit, which includes a new offer to the EU, giving certainty to businesses by ramping up preparations for Brexit in all circumstances and to negotiate directly with the key heads of the EU 27 to make it clear that Britain will be leaving on the 31st of October.

On the contrary, *Mark Harper*, who has also launched his campaign this morning, has declared that it is🗣 “not going to be possible to leave on October 31” and has also added that an early election would be “curtains” for the Tory party.

Coincidentally, *Harper* is currently the odds on favourite to come last in Thursday’s leadership ballot. 📉

But one candidate who is gathering momentum behind his campaign is *Rory Stewart*. *Tom Harwood* has explained this morning why Tory Thatcherites should be terrified by the rise of the cunning Mr Stewart:

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