#BBN: Morning Brexit Update 10-06-19

Morning all ☕,

The Tory leadership contest is expected to heat up this week with just over a month to go until Britain has a new Prime Minister.

The candidates have already been up and about this morning making their case to be the next Tory leader. 🧐

*Matt Hancock* is expected to promise a “fresh start” for the country as he officially launches his campaign to be Prime Minister. *Dominic Raab* will also announce the formal launch of his campaign this morning and he’s expected to be focusing his own manifesto on energy and climate change.

Frontrunner *Boris Johnson* already has a radical plan to slash income tax if he becomes Prime Minister. But *Shadow Chancellor John McDonell* has slammed Johnson’s plans, suggesting that the Tory leadership race is “degenerating into a race to the bottom in tax cuts”.🤨 You can find out about Johnson’s tax plans here: http://bit.ly/31n7fac

One leadership hopeful who might actually be avoiding the spotlight today is *Michael Gove* following his confession that he took cocaine in his thirties. Some have called on the Environment Secretary to pull out of the race.

However, *Alan Cohrane* has argued that it would be madness to force Gove out of the race. Read his thoughts here: http://bit.ly/2wLN7jQ

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