#BBN: Afternoon Brexit Update

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As Tory MPs jostle for the keys to Number 10, there will also be a number of MPs fighting over potential Cabinet positions under the next Prime Minister. 👀

*Dominic Raab* has sent a clear message to any MPs hoping for a senior position in his Cabinet by suggesting that ministers could be sacked if they refuse to commit to a hard Brexit deadline. During the launch of his campaign this morning, Mr Raab said that his Cabinet would all have to be signed up to deliver Brexit by October 31, even in the event of a *no-deal Brexit*.

This could see a number of senior ministers turfed out. *Philip Hammond, Michael Gove, Amber Rudd, Greg Clark, David Gauke* and *Rory Stewart* are all opposed to a no-deal Brexit and could therefore be forced out under Raab’s leadership. 🤨

Elsewhere, endorsements continue to come in for *Jeremy Hunt* with Defence Secretary *Penny Morduant* expected to be the latest high-profile name to declare her backing for the Foreign Secretary [as per Steven Swinford].

But who are you backing? 🤷‍♂Our data journalists have pulled together a *quickfire interactive quiz* so you can find out which leadership hopeful’s policies most align with your own. Have a go and let me know how you get on:

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