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Will we see the *Withdrawal Agreement Bill* this week?

Just 24 hours ago, *Theresa May* claimed that her WAB would be published tomorrow. However, Mrs May has now indicated that she is willing to change her Brexit deal in order to stay in Number 10.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman has said that she is “listening to colleagues” and will discuss ministers’ concerns about the WAB later today.

*Mark Spencer*, a Government whip, has taken *Andrea Leadsom’s* place in the Commons, but he has confirmed that the WAB is not currently listed in the business motion for the week after the Whitsun recess (June 3-7). Although, Mr Spencer also said the Government does still intend to publish the bill in the week beginning June 3. 🤔

*Sherelle Jacobs* has explained today how our pitiful *Prime Minister* has glued herself to Downing Street:
Post written by the Telegraph WhatsApp brexit group


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