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Guess who’s back, back again. That’s right, *Theresa May’s Brexit Withdrawal Bill* is returning to the Commons on the week commencing June 3.

Why is it returning? 🤷‍♀To put it simply, all other options appear to be failing and ministers have gone cold on the not so great ‘definitive votes’ plan.

*Cross-party talks* continue to remain at a standstill and there’s still no sign that either *Mrs May* or *Jeremy Corbyn* could be about to budge on their red lines.

Does the bill actually stand a chance? 🤔It’s unlikely. The *DUP* have already questioned why they should throw their weight behind the bill to support it when nothing has changed.

Rather than it being a process that could break the Brexit deadlock, what it really does is to buy May more time. And crucially, it gives the PM something to say to the *1922 Committee* tomorrow when they demand to know her resignation timetable🧐.

But as Mrs May continues to wreak irreparable damage to her party, why are Tory MPs still reluctant to oust her? *Katy Balls* has looked at that question, here:

So now the Brexit can has been firmly kicked down the road once again, attention returns to next Thursday’s *European elections* 🗳.

Ahead of next week, my colleague *Camilla Tominey* has spent 24 hours with *Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage*. You can see how that went, here:
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