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*Liam Fox* has warned MPs that voting down the Withdrawal Agreement Bill next month could result in a choice between leaving the EU without a deal or no Brexit at all.

The International Trade Secretary has said that MPs need to consider the political consequences of failing to carry out the promise to deliver on the referendum result.

Brexit Secretary *Stephen Barclay* admitted today that Theresa May’s Brexit deal will be “dead” if MPs vote down the Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

Yet the PM repeated that it’s the government’s duty to deliver Brexit during this afternoon’s session of PMQs. 🧐

This time, the call for her to resign came from the SNP’s Pete Wishart, who said: “Has the road not run out, Prime Minister?” 🤔

If the latest ComRes poll is anything to go by, a new leader would not save the Tories from election defeat, with a new poll putting them level with the *Brexit Party* on 20pc each in a general election. See the details here:
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