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Cabinet ministers will urge *Theresa May* to abandon *cross-party Brexit talks* with *Labour* today as the PM edges towards giving MPs ‘definitive votes’. 🗳

It is understood that key figures within the Cabinet are reluctant to see talks with *Labour* go any further as they wish to avoid tying the UK to a *customs union*. In place of cross-party talks, Mrs May will consider holding a series of ‘definitive votes’ on different Brexit options.

But are cross-party talks completely dead in the water? 🤷‍♀Apparently not. Mrs May’s advisor *Olly Robbins* is heading to Brussels to discuss how the political declaration could be changed in the event of a deal with *Labour*.

That trip, however, could prove redundant if Cabinet ministers do indeed torpedo talks with Labour.

So, who, if anyone, can break the Brexit deadlock? 🤔 *Tim Stanley* believes that it’s time for the Tories to send for *Boris*:

Post written by the Telegraph WhatsApp brexit group


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