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We can expect to see the *Withdrawal Bill* put in front of MPs before the summer. Ministers were told that No.10 wanted to see *Theresa May’s* deal voted on for a fourth time.

It came as Cabinet held an “extensive discussion” on the Brexit talks with Labour, and the announcement that *cross-party talks* would not in fact end anytime soon.

It will come as no surprise that *John McDonnell* has said there is not yet a deal between the Government and Labour. The Shadow Chancellor said that Labour “have been saying to our Conservative colleagues that to get something through Parliament you may well have to concede that there is a *public vote* of some sort.”

Will the Brexit deadlock ever end? *Jeremy Hunt* has said that the current impasse cannot last because “everyone has a life beyond Brexit”🙄. The Foreign Secretary went on to add that the EU is unlikely to grant any further extension of *Article 50*.

And what about *Olly Robbins’* trip to Brussels today? My colleague *Peter Foster* has explained why Robbins’ endeavours in Brussels were never going to fix Brexit: http://bit.ly/2vTSg9g
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