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Another day, another battle cry from *Nigel Farage*. The *Brexit Party* leader has declared this morning that Remain voters will back the Brexit Party in *European elections* because they want politicians to “honour the will of the people” and take the UK out of the EU. 👀

My colleague Jack Maidment has reported that *Mr Farage* believes that those who voted in 2016 for the UK to stay in the EU will back the Brexit Party at the polls in order to protect “democracy”.

In his Telegraph column, *Tom Harris* has explained why *Nigel Farage* has so many people he can thank for helping him come back with a bang:

Elsewhere this morning, former *Labour MP Bridget Prentice* has announced that she is leaving the Labour party, citing the “wrong and pathetic” approach taken by *Jeremy Corbyn* over *Brexit*. 🤨

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