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You’ll have to forgive us if we’re starting to sound like a broken record, but trouble is brewing yet again in the *Labour Party* over the subject of a *second referendum*. 🤨

It is being reported this morning that both *Tom Watson* and *Sir Keir Starmer* are now mounting more pressure on *Jeremy Corbyn* to back a *second vote*. 🗳

The Shadow Brexit Secretary, *Sir Keir Starmer*, has warned that up to 150 Labour MPs would reject a Brexit deal that does not include a second referendum. Meanwhile, Deputy Leader *Tom Watson*, who has made no secret of his support for a second vote, has admitted on BBC Radio 4📻 that he and Mr Corbyn have “different views”.

But what about *cross-party talks*? 🤷‍♀It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly five weeks since negotiations between Labour and the Conservatives began. With no breakthrough in sight, key players are starting to lose faith in the process.

*Chancellor Philip Hammond* has reportedly warned *Theresa May* that talks with Labour are being held on a “false premise” and has urged the PM to abandon negotiations as they are likely to lead to a politically unacceptable deal.

And of course, the *European elections* take place on Thursday. Ahead of polling day, *Bernard Jenkin* has explained why *Theresa May* has written the script for *Nigel Farage* to take over:

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