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*Jacob Rees-Mogg* has conceded that *European elections* will be “difficult” for the *Conservative party*. Talking to LBC Radio 📻this morning, the leader of the ERG admitted that people are “very enthusiastic” about the *Brexit Party*.

But it wasn’t complete surrender from *Mr Rees-Mogg*. He appealed to disillusioned Tories to continue supporting the party despite concerns over *Theresa May’s* leadership: “I would appeal to their loyalty, to their tradition and to say that the Conservative Party will get a new leader at some point”.🧐

On a similar note, *Daniel Hannan* has explained why *Theresa May* must now go if the Tory party is to survive. Read it here:

Elsewhere this morning, *Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt* has declared that “this is a crunch week” for *cross-party Brexit talks*. Despite suggestions that talks with *Labour* have all but broken down, the Foreign Secretary insisted that talks will continue this week.

This is of course not the first time that there has been an indication that talks could be coming to a conclusion. So you might not want to hold your breath just yet. 👀

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