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*Theresa May* plans new indicative votes but is warned she could end up with an ‘Auf Wiedersehen, Pet’ Brexit that no-one wants.

With *cross-party Brexit talks* failing to yield a breakthrough, *Theresa May* is reportedly planning to give MPs the chance to vote on their preferred Brexit deal through a ranking system.

This plan, however, has already been widely criticised, with fears that an attempt to find a happy medium for all MPs would result in a compromise that no-one actually wants🤷‍♀. One Cabinet source compared the plan to a scene in the TV comedy drama Auf Wiedersehen Pet, where the builders, after voting on a colour to paint their shed, end up with yellow after two people put it down as their second choice.

*Fraser Nelson* has explained today that the only way the *Conservative party* can survive is if they become the party of no deal Brexit:

Elsewhere today, *Guy Verhofstadt* is set to join *Sir Vince Cable* and the *Liberal Democrats* on the European election campaign trail. With Sir Vince launching his party’s “b******* to Brexit” campaign this week, Mr Verhofstadt’s endorsement of the party is perhaps a clear indication that he believes the UK should remain in the EU.🤨

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