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*Donald Tusk has claimed that there is a 30 per cent chance that Brexit will be cancelled*.

In an interview with Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza 🗞, the *President of the European Council* said: “Today the chance that Brexit will not happen is, in my opinion, 20-30 per cent. That’s a lot.” Mr Tusk added that “nothing is irreversible”.

If ever there was a reminder that a Brexit deal is needed imminently to prevent a long term delay, this is it.🤨

Upon granting Theresa May her latest Brexit extension, Tusk’s instructions to the PM were clear – “please do not waste this time”. Perhaps his latest comments are an indication that he feels that his original warning has not been taken seriously by those in Westminster.

Now you may remember, last week one man found himself in a media whirlwind after he heckled *Theresa May* during her address of the Welsh Conservative Conference.

That man was Stuart Davies. He’s explained in an exclusive Telegraph column why he had to take his opportunity to call for *May’s resignation*. Read it here:

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