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Labour, the Lib Dems and the SNP are all set to launch their *European election campaigns* today with just two weeks to go until polling day. 🗳

But what about *the Conservatives*? 🤔 A Tory source has told the FT that the European elections could be far worse for the party than originally feared. The source has suggested that the Tories could end up in sixth-place behind the Brexit Party, Labour, the Lib Dems and even the Greens and Change UK, adding that “there are some people in CCHQ who think we’ll poll less than 10 per cent”.

And what about Brexit? 🤷‍♀

Yesterday *Theresa May* ignored calls from backbench MPs to bring forward her *Withdrawal Agreement* Bill within the next two weeks and has insisted that *cross-party Brexit talks* with* Labour* will carry on into next week.

As May continues to kick the Brexit can down the road, *Janet Daley* has asked why the *hapless Tories* can’t rise up against *the PM*:

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