Morning Brexit Update… 1st May 19

Morning everyone,

Despite a relatively quiet couple of weeks, Brexit now looks set to return to the forefront of the news agenda 🗞. *Theresa May* will face up to three hours of public questioning from MPs today in two separate Parliament sessions. The fist will come in the form of today’s PMQs and the second will be a session before the Commons liaison Committee at 3 p.m. (both are expected to heavily focus on Brexit). 🧐

And the big news from last night is that Mrs May is preparing to cave in to *Labour’s Brexit demands*. Our lobby team have all the details on that one, here:

*Labour’s Brexit plans* have apparently also received an unlikely backer in the form of *Michael Gove*, and he’s not the only one inside the Conservative party considering *Jeremy Corbyn* and Labour’s plans.

*Chief Whip Julian Smith* reportedly told members of Cabinet yesterday that it’s “time to get real” over the options on the table. The Mail have reported that Smith believes Brexit is now a choice between a *customs union* or a *second referendum*.

You can expect Brexiteer backlash to this news throughout the day. 🤨

Meanwhile, *Corbyn* had a big win at yesterday’s NEC meeting. The Labour leader was able to hold off pressure from inside his own party to commit to a *second referendum* in the upcoming European elections. Not only does this allow Corbyn to continue to sit on the fence, but it also makes a Brexit deal with the government far more plausible.

So, where does this leave the *Conservative party*? Philip Johnson has explained why the Tories must wake up to the existential calamity that is about to engulf them:

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  1. Both Teresa and Corbyn are stitching up the British people
    We voted out, not for any deals just out, WTO

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