Afternoon Brexit Update…1st May 19

Afternoon all,

*Theresa May* will have “no option” but to agree to a *customs union* Brexit, according to *Labour*. 🤨

*Labour’s Shadow business secretary* has said that she is hopeful that the Government will move towards Labour’s central demand for a *customs union* Brexit.

*Rebecca Long-Bailey*, one of *Jeremy Corbyn’s* closest allies, has declared that *Labour* could drop some of their red lines if *Mrs May* is prepared to “move towards” their position.

Elsewhere in the world of Brexit, *Transport Secretary Chris Grayling* is cancelling a set of ferry contracts ⛴ that were provisionally contracted to ease pressure on the main Dover-Calais route in the event of a *no-deal Brexit*. My colleague Jack Maidment has reported that the decision to cancel no-deal Brexit ferry contracts will cost taxpayers £50m. But, is it also a sign that the chances of a *no-deal Brexit* are now dead in the water? ⚰

And with *Nigel Farage* kicking off the *Brexit Party* European elections campaign in Wales last night, *Allison Pearson* has explained why she will now be voting for the Brexit Party:

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