Morning Brexit Update… 29th April 19

Morning all 🧐,

It’s *local election week*, which could bring a devastating set of results for the Conservative party.

The Tories are currently braced for their *worst local election losses since 1995*. Last night, Tory peer and elections expert *Robert Hayward* predicted that the party could lose as many as 800 council seats. And life isn’t much better over in Brexit land🤨.

Former Cabinet minister *Priti Patel* told the BBC last night that ‘’the mood is dark’’ among Tory voters over the Government’s handling of Brexit.

*Cross-party Brexit talks* between *Labour* and the Government will continue this week but
negotiations remain at a deadlock and there appears to be no sense of urgency to change that any time soon🤷‍♀.

Given the current state of stalemate, it’s worth keeping an eye on *Micheal Barnier’s* speech in Belgium 🇧🇪 this evening, which is being billed as ‘a major speech’ on Brexit. The EU’s Chief Negotiator could use the speech to echo Donald Tusk’s previous warning to the UK – ‘’do not waste this time’’.

Finally, *John Redwood* has explained that with major parties across Europe dying⚰, the Conservatives and Labour could be next if Brexit is not delivered:

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