Afternoon Brexit Update… 29 April 19

Afternoon folks 🇬🇧🇪🇺,

A former Director-General of the World Trade Organisation has claimed that the current Brexit deadlock is a result of *Theresa May* ‘’rushing in’’ to discuss the terms of the UK’s divorce from the EU. 👀

Pascal Lamy told the BBC that “we may have made the wrong choice in deciding that we would negotiate first the Withdrawal Agreement – which is a sort of divorce agreement – and then the rest.” Adding that, ‘’negotiating a trade agreement takes years and years’’.

And over in the Labour party, trouble is brewing. *Jeremy Corbyn* is facing backlash over his reluctance to back an unconditional public vote🗳. One Labour MEP has even compared the current gulf between the party’s leadership and membership to the Iraq war.

Looking ahead to next month’s *European elections*, 22 Labour candidates have pledged to campaign for a second referendum – regardless of the official stance from *Mr Corbyn* or the Labour party. 🤷‍♂

*Jeremy Corbyn* now looks set to face open revolt over a *second referendum*. Harry Yorke has all the details on how that could play out, here:

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