Evening Brexit Update… 25 April 19

Afternoon all 🧐,

*Nigel Farage* has hit back at comments from an MEP who suggested this morning that the British empire is dead and buried ⚰.

*Philippe Lamberts*, the leader of the European greens, taunted Mr Farage earlier today telling the Brexit Party to “bring it on” ahead of European elections. 🤨

Not to miss out on the chance for an exchange of words, *Mr Farage* was quick to respond: “I think the British people have had enough of being talked down to by irrelevant nobodies like Mr Lamberts.”

This is yet another indication that next month’s European elections 🗳could have unprecedented coverage like never before in the UK. With every side fuelled by Brexit disappointment, fiery exchanges between parties will only intensify in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere today, *Labour peer Lord Adonis* has had to apologise for saying that Brexit supporters should not vote for the *Labour party*. Asa Bennett has explained why that shows just how terrified Labour is of Nigel Farage🤨:

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