Afternoon Brexit Update… 24 April 19…

Afternoon all,

The first post-Easter PMQs is currently underway, as both *Theresa May* and *Jeremy Corbyn* attend the funeral of murdered journalist Lyra McKee, who was killed during clashes between police and New IRA dissidents on April 18.

David Lidington, standing in for the PM, tells Labour’s Emily Thornberry that he questions whether a softer Brexit plan, including a customs union, would be capable of commanding a majority in the House of Commons. 🧐

Following PMQs, *Philip Hammond* and the Shadow Chancellor, *John McDonell*, are set to meet for more Brexit talks – with no customs union on the table. 😶

And with senior Tories pushing for Theresa May to table the Withdrawal Agreement Bill despite having no majority in the Commons for her deal, some Conservatives believe the risk could be too high – leaving them unable to put it to another vote in the same parliamentary session. 👀

Asa Benett writes why ‘the Conservatives are in no fit state to take to the skies’, in the face of Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party rise. Read on here:

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