Evening Brexit Update… 23 April 19

Evening all,

Senior Tories are set to meet tonight for an *executive 1922 Committee* meeting to discuss changing the rules of Conservative party leadership challenges.

As it stands, a confidence vote cannot be held until 12 months after the last challenge on December 12 2018, which Mrs May won by 200 votes to 117.

But, there are reports of a 50/50 split among the 1922 Committee as to whether or not that period should be reduced to 6 months.

With new rules potentially allowing dissatisfied MPs to repeatedly destabilise a future leader or prime minister, could the Tories become more unstable? 🤔

The Telegraph’s Daniel Capurro writes why changing the rules of the 1922 Committee, to remove Theresa May, could backfire on the Conservatives. Read on here: http://bit.ly/2ICb0Ta

Post written by the Telegraph WhatsApp brexit group https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/10/22/sign-telegraphs-brexit-whatsapp-group-latest-news-exclusives/


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