Tory Party must ditch May for Brexit failure or risk being DESTROYED claims expert

THE Conservative Party must find a way to force Prime Minister Theresa May out of office and deliver Brexit or risk being torn apart, a history professor and constitutional expert has said.

And Robert Tombs, Professor of French History at the University of Cambridge, has said British politics is now in the grip of the biggest crisis since that which enveloped the country over calls to repeal the Corn Laws in the 19th century. Prof Tombs set out his views in article written for the Politeia think tank, arguing that Mrs May, whom he describes as “Theresa the Unready”, was “damaging our national politics to a degree that is truly historic”. Mrs May’s failure to carry out the “national mandate” provided by the 2016 result had “greatly aggravated” divisions within society, he said.
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  1. its not just Theresa May it is also all the remainers trying to stop Brexit that are destroying it Ditching Theresa May alone wont save the Conservatives.

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