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Morning folks 🧐,

It’s hard to remember a time when *Theresa May* was not facing pressure to resign. But if she is replaced by a *Brexiteer*, it will ‘wreck’ the chances of agreeing a deal with Brussels🇪🇺. That’s according to a former UK ambassador to the EU🤨.

*Sir Ivan Rogers* has suggested that Eurosceptic leadership challengers, such as *Boris Johnson* and *Dominic Raab*, could make promises to the Tory grassroots to get elected, which the EU would then refuse to agree to.👀

The former UK ambassador indicated that Brexiteers would pledge to reopen the *Withdrawal Agreement*, but suggested such a commitment would torpedo talks and any prospect of the sides agreeing to a new trading relationship. 🤷‍♂

But how could the Tories be impacted in upcoming elections if they do not replace *Mrs May*? 🤔 *Allister Heath* has explained today that with nothing to say on Brexit or the economy, the *Tories now face annihilation*:

Post written by the Telegraph WhatsApp brexit group


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