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*Nigel Farage’s Brexit party* has surged into first place in opinion polls ahead of the *European Parliament elections* 🗳next month.

Despite officially launching just five days ago, the party is now favoured by 27 per cent of voters polled. 📊📈

Not only could the Brexit Party dominate in the European elections, but it could help pad out Mr Farage’s own wallet 💰. The former UKIP leader boasted last week that he had bet £1,000 at odds of three to one on his new party winning the highest share of the vote.

So, why are the *Brexit party* on course to dominate in the European Parliament elections? 🤷‍♂As well as a large chunk of *UKIP* supporters defecting to Farage’s new party, YouGov pollster Chris Curtis has suggested that the *Brexit Party* can be optimistic about the elections for a less obvious reason. Mr Curtis has suggested this week that as the European Parliament elections *will not* be happening on the same day as the local elections for the first time since 1999, it could deter loyal supporters from the two main parties from making the trek to polling stations.🤔

The YouGov pollster also added that it goes without saying that voters on both extremes of the Brexit argument will make up a large chunk of the electorate next month.🤨

And on the subject of elections, *Rob Wilson has argued that Theresa May is now deaf to the electoral catastrophe awaiting the Tories*: http://bit.ly/2Za6tMy

Post written by the Telegraph WhatsApp brexit group https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2018/10/22/sign-telegraphs-brexit-whatsapp-group-latest-news-exclusives/


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  1. The Tories will are history come the next election. It may take the following election to see the back of Labour, but its sure to happen.

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