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*Jeremy Corbyn* is reportedly citing a desire from within the Tory party for post-withdrawal deregulation as to why Brexit talks with the government are faltering. 🤷‍♂

The Guardian’s Jess Elgot has reported this afternoon that Corbyn fears that the two sides will not find common ground if *Theresa May* is not prepared to shift her position on Labour’s case for a *customs union*. 👀

While cross-party talks are set to take place this week on security, workers’ rights and the environment, there will be no further meetings on either a customs union or a second referendum🗳 before Easter.

And while Downing Street may be reserving public judgement on a customs union for now, one man who certainly isn’t is *Nigel Farage*.

In the last hour, the Brexit Party leader has fired his own shots at Corbyn’s desire for a customs union🧐: ‘’How is *Jeremy Corbyn* serious about our relationship with the rest of the world when he wants us to be in a *customs union*, and unable to do deals. Does he even understand this?’’

Following on from *Donald Tusk’s* comments this morning, Asa Bennett has explained *why EU leaders are just as scared as Theresa May of a no-deal Brexit*: http://bit.ly/2Il17Ja


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