Afternoon Brexit Update… 16 April 19

A quick afternoon update for you, folks 🧐

*Guy Verhofstadt* has provided a damning verdict on the latest Brexit delay and current cross-party talks.🤨

The Brexit Coordinator hit out at earlier comments from *Donald Tusk*, who explained the benefits of a further delay, by suggesting that ‘’the decision [delay] could risk killing Europe.’’

Mr Verhofstadt gave a disapproving verdict on cross-party talks within the UK and even weighed in with an opinion on MPs’ decisions to go on holiday 🏖 : ‘’The pressure to come to a *cross-party agreement* over Brexit is now gone. Conservatives and Labour, will again run down the clock ⏰. The proof of this? The first thing the House of Commons did after last week’s extension was to go on holidays.’’

Did he offer a solution? 🤷‍♂The Brexit coordinator has suggested on Twitter that a certain someone outside of the main two parties could play a pivotal role in yielding a breakthrough from cross-party talks: ‘’Never thought I would say this, but maybe it will be *Farage* who can deliver a cross-party agreement as Labour & Conservatives risk to be wiped out during the EU elections.’’

So, with current cross-party talks between the Conservatives and Labour at an apparent standstill, who is to blame? 🤔

Writing for the Telegraph, *William Hague* has explained that Labour don’t want to solve Brexit, they want to destroy the Tories:

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