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#BBN: With all the hype about the Brexit Party I can’t help but say to myself I wish UKIP could be doing that. UKIP still is a formidable force in politics and has many good things going for it, one of which is that UKIP is a household name and worldwide known brand. One constructive criticism I see time and time again is that when Batten gets to go on national political shows with a fist full of UKIP policies to share to the nation, he always goes off message and goes down the debate route of TR instead of being solid with what he wanted to say. This then gives Batten no time to sell the UKIP message to the nation. With the local and EU elections coming up we wish we could tell Batten one simple thing and that is to step up his focus on his message because people up and down the country need to know what UKIP’s core message is from UKIP and not from the bias media and so far we haven’t truly heard what UKIP has to offer. One thing is for sure without UKIP we would not have had Brexit and that is why we brexiteers have so much admiration for UKIP. As a brexiteer page, we wholeheartedly wish UKIP and the Brexit Party well. ✊🇬🇧


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